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  • 200W 240W Switching Power Supply
200W 240W Switching Power Supply

200W 240W Switching Power Supply

  200W 240W 0-5V 40A 0-12V 17A 0-24V 10A 0-36V 6.5A 0-48V 5A Switching Power Supply with LED Digital Display Voltage Adjustable

To ensure the lifetime of the power supply, pls don't use full load when you use it. We recommend the use power should be 80% of the rated power.For example: the label of the power supply is 500W, use power should be : 500W*80%=400W


Input voltage: 110/220vac selected by switch

200W 0-5V 40A
200W 0-12V 17A
240W 0-24V 10A
240W 0-36V 6.5A
240W 0-48V 5A
Power formula) voltage X current = power

Terminal description and wiring method

L, N AC input terminal FG ground mark V+ DC output positive terminal
V-DC output negative terminal ADJ adjustable potentiometer Fine-tuning output DC voltage
● full voltage input
● Miniaturization
●Protection function Short circuit / overload / over voltage
●100% full load aging test
Input Voltage & Frequency Range----------110V/220VAC/47~63Hz
Start surge current ---------------20A@120VAC (cold start)
Output adjustment range --------------- ±100% (rated output voltage)
Overload protection -------------------105%~200% (rated load), self-recovery
Overvoltage protection -------------------115%~135% (rated output voltage)
Short circuit protection ------------------- self-recovery
Output start time ---------------≤2S@120VAC ≤1.0S@230VAC
Output hold time ---------------≥10mS@120VAC, ≥20mS@230VAC
Insulation strength ------------------- Input - Output: AC1500V, 1min
Input - housing: AC1500V, 1min
Output - Case: DC500V, 1min
Working environment ------------------ -10 ° C ~ 50 ° C; 20% ~ 90% RH (no condensation)

◆When the charger is used, please unplug the battery and turn off the input power. If it is not used for a long time, please store it in a ventilated and dry environment.
◆To ensure safety, please perform within the line of sight when charging. If you need to leave, remove the battery to avoid unpredictable danger.
◆Do not mix batteries of different types, different capacities and different manufacturers.
◆ Keep away from flammable materials when charging, pay special attention to battery temperature. If the temperature is very high, such as hot, please disconnect the power immediately to stop charging.
◆ Do not drop wires or other conductive objects into the charger. The consequences are self-sufficient.
z Do not charge if the battery leaks, rises drum, peels off, changes color, or deforms.
◆ Do not try to charge a non-rechargeable battery.
◆ Do not exceed the charging range specified by the battery manufacturer.

◆ Do not modify or disassemble the charger. Turning on the machine and indicating that you have waived all warranty and technical

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